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Anna Carmody Releases Double Single ‘Gone Away Dear’ & ‘Hangover’

October 15, 2021

Irish singer-songwriter Anna Carmody returns with a surprise two-track release today.

Influenced by artists from Lana Del Rey to Villagers, she has been quietly building a dedicated fanbase since last year and has already seen her music videos reach hundreds of thousands of views in a few short months. Hot Press soon took note of the rising hype around this enigmatic artist and support grew from there with national and regional radio support.

Anna’s gentle sonic brand is both charming and thought-provoking. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and delivers a rawness and honesty in her work. Her music has been described as “beautifully haunting”, touching the hearts of many with lyrics inspired by loss, adventure, heartbreak and more. She draws inspiration from the people and life moments that struck a chord with her the most.

On her double track release, Anna describes ‘Hangover’ as a track that compares the breakdown of a relationship to a bad hangover;“It’s an emotional song and I wrote it in a heartbreaking moment while still with my ex-boyfriend. ‘Gone Away Dear’ was written soon after, when the relationship ended so it only seemed fitting that I release them together. They’re both recorded as just piano and vocals so they have the necessary stripped back, raw sadness required.”

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