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Tunedly – Create top-notch music with the world’s best session musicians

June 7, 2017

Finding the right talents to make great music is often a challenge for music creators. Many songwriters have experienced the frustration of posting local ads in search of qualified session musicians, with no results. Even online, it is quite hard to discern great session musicians from amateurs passing themselves off as professional musicians and engineers.

With Tunedly, songwriters can now find talented, carefully vetted session musicians to collaborate with, and bring their music and lyrics to life!

Geographical barriers are no longer a concern.

Tunedly’s vision is to make music creation more accessible, by taking advantage of the amazing connecting power of the web. Tunedly has launched the first marketplace to feature hundreds of vetted, professional, and high-quality session musicians through an integrated collaboration tool. Managing projects with several session musicians is now surprisingly easy, and can be done through one single interface.

Tunedly is on a quest to bring innovation and flexibility to the music production process, without compromising on artistry and excellence.

Founded by IMRO member Chris Erhardt, a former songwriter and music producer, and Mylène Besançon, an MBA graduate of Dublin Business School, Tunedly, now based in the USA and Canada, is swiftly turning into the new standard of music production. David Geer, Tech Entrepreneur and Business Development Consultant, recently wrote in an article on The Next Web: “…Tunedly may well represent the future of the recording industry…”

The industry has become increasingly competitive for independent songwriters. In order to place a song, a simple demo recording is not sufficient in today’s music market. Tunedly has made completing professional recordings with some of the world’s top session musicians more accessible, even for hobby songwriters trying to break into the industry. They can now create projects with high-quality sound and compete with top productions from studios based in Los Angeles, New York or Nashville.

To find out more about Tunedly and to collaborate with its top-rated musicians, visit

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