The Irish Music Industry Podcast Launches

February 18, 2019

The Irish Music Industry Podcast has launched today providing a vital insight into the music industry. Produced by Mark G of King Kong Company, The Irish Music Industry Podcast is a must listen for both people who want to break into the industry and seasoned professionals who want to learn more about other areas of the music sector.

The podcast has sought out professionals from a multitude of disciplines to offer some advice and discuss how they carve out their own space within the sector. Each episode of The Irish Music Industry Podcast will see Mark G interviewing some of Ireland’s top music industry professionals and pick apart the mechanism of the Irish music sector in an effort to understand what makes it tick. From well-worn road warriors to eager newbies, all stories, advice, wisdom and occasional tales of woe come straight from the horse’s mouth.

The first four episodes are available now and feature top Irish music professionals Jenny Wren (Booker for Body & Soul), Jerry Fish (independent artist and label owner), Dan Hegarty (2FM), Katie Kim (independent artist), Johnny Lappin (music publisher and IMRO founder director), Daithí (independent artist), Dominic Kelly (entertainment industry accountant and business manager) and Lizzie Fitzpatrick (Bitch Falcon).  

Speaking about the brand new podcast Mark G said: “There is something for everyone, with episodes tailored to appeal to music industry professionals, those hoping to get a start in the sector and those interested in sussing out what goes on behind and around music in Ireland today”.

The spark that lit the touchpaper on this podcast came from Mark’s experience within third level education and from working within the music sector itself. “There was a slow burning realisation that many prospective music industry professionals aren’t privy to a full and frank picture of what to expect from their chosen career”. He maintains that “It’s not just people starting out in the music business either. Many of us who’ve been doing this for years still aren’t clued in about lots of different aspects of the industry. When our band began to enjoy a modest amount of success a few years ago, we were signing contracts with management, record labels, merch companies and a host of other concerns, and we didn’t have a clue. In 2017 we turned over more than €100K in performance fees, but none of us got paid that year. In 2018 we sold out The Olympia Theatre and that gig ran at a loss due to decisions made by ourselves. We’ve been making music most of our lives, but there’s so much we don’t know about all the other stuff.”

The first four episodes of The Irish Music Industry Podcasts are available now on iTunes, Android and the usual digital sources or you can visit to download/stream the podcasts. The remaining 18 episodes from season one will be released weekly and the accompanying articles, info and original illustrations (by Barry Haughey – @_hawkie on Instagram) can also be found at The Irish Music Industry Podcast is supported by IMRO.

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