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ICE launches ‘Licensr’ service | A simplified, self-service, multi-territory licensing tool for online music services

April 29, 2020

ICE has launched Licensr, a new online self-service tool that enables smaller online music services to get multi-territory coverage for use of the ICE Core repertoire in a matter of minutes.

Licensr simplifies life for those developing new music services and increases the speed new services can be brought to market. The user can select, pay for, and receive confirmation of a licence covering ICE Core repertoire (the ‘ICE Direct Licence’) in a quick and easy process that requires no prior knowledge of music licensing.

For creators whose rights are included within the ICE Core repertoire, Licensr helps ensure their rights are being represented when their work is being used on new services and supports the development of new music experiences.

The launch of Licensr highlights a commitment from ICE towards making the licensing process simpler. It will continue to work with music services and rightsholders to add new functionality to the tool.

“Licensr is a simple self-service solution to enable new and developing music services to license ICE Core repertoire” commented Ben McEwen, VP Commercial at ICE. “It starts to bring greater simplicity and flexibility to those with ideas for new services that utilise music but are daunted by the complexity of licensing and we are keen to collect feedback to further enhance the solution over time. In the meantime it immediately adds another income source for creators as we continue to seek to ensure rightsholders in the ICE Core receive fair value for the use of their work.”

Pascal De Mul, CEO of Exit Live, the first Licensr customer, an innovative service offering fans audio recordings of live concerts remarked “Simple licensing is essential to helping services like us innovate and focus on our core proposition, which for Exit Live is helping artists monetise live performances both on the evening of the gig and historically. Licensr has been by far the easiest rights process we’ve had.”

Through Licensr services will receive publishing (mechanical & performing) rights for music in the extensive ICE Core repertoire. Typical services that would utilise the Licensr service have revenues under €250k per annum, operating across areas including on demand and interactive streaming and download stores.

Licensr additionally supports non-broadcaster services moving online in the current climate, such as those streaming fitness classes or other live video services with on-demand functionality. They can quickly and easily get their mechanical & performing rights for ICE Core repertoire through Licensr and use the form to contact ICE for an additional guided process to support them in clearing and/or signposting them to additional rights they may need.

Find out more at www.iceservices.com/licensr

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