Belem Co-Creation Open Call

March 10, 2023

BELEM is an EU-funded four year project that has been granted €2 million in funding through the Creative Europe Programme (CREA). It will drive new revenue streams to key players in the music industry by promoting European lyrics and the translations of these lyrics, alongside their monetisation. The project is also aiming to amplify the co-creation and co-production of European lyrics, adding new economic value to European musical and linguistic heritage.

In particular, the project is placing a strong focus on online and streaming lyric translations, as well as supporting publisher capacity building and the songwriters themselves on creation and translation. BELEM will also look to benefit labels and artists through providing better accessibility for lyric videos — including translated lyrics. It will also aim to impact the live sector, via both virtual and physical lyric translation exhibitions.

BELEM is offering publishers 60% of the funding for projects to translate songs to increase their repertoire, as well as the opportunity for songwriters and translators to get paid to translate songs. Get involved by clicking the links to entry forms below:

Form for publishers with single works: Open Call I – Apply to have your Music Works Lyrics Translated

Form for publishers with multiple works: Open Call II – Apply to have your Entire Music Project(s) Lyrics Translated

Form for translators & writers: Open Call III – Apply to become a Music Lyrics Translator

Check out the BELEM Frequently Asked Questions

Applications will close on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023


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