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IMRO Partners with Swedish Tech Start-up Auddly

January 7, 2019

The Irish Music Rights Organistation CLG (IMRO) announces a new partnership with song data hub Auddly.

Auddly, a Swedish start-up co-founded by former ABBA co-frontman Björn Ulvaeus and leading international songwriter/producer Max Martin, is an app and web-based tool that helps with the collection of music metadata to ensure the correct allocation of royalties owed to songwriters, publishers and performers.

The partnership will enable IMRO songwriter, composer and publisher members, to capture their song and composition data, including agreement on share splits at the point of creation, using a new tool powered by the Stockholm based tech start-up. Auddly users who are songwriter or publisher members of IMRO can verify their membership status and their unique international identification number (IPI/CAE number) at the point of registering on the Auddly platform.

Auddly’s aim is to facilitate the registration of more accurate data from the outset which will assist IMRO with royalty distributions to its members around the world.  Auddly itself does not distribute royalties or deal with individual copyright issues.

Speaking about the announcement of the partnership IMRO Chief Executive Victor Finn said, “In recent years there has been the rapid explosion in the amount of data generated worldwide from public performances of music, particularly in relation online usages.  Clarity with regard to song ownership is essential to ensure songwriters, composers and music publishers are correctly paid for the use of their works.  Auddly is an important step forward for the music industry in the verification of song metadata and IMRO is delighted to be an early international partner with this pioneering company”.

Niclas Molinder, Founder and CEO, Auddly commented: “We are delighted to launch the partnership and the IPI Verification with IMRO in order to help their members to manage their metadata more efficiently. Capturing this data accurately and completely from the start enables PROs to allocate money to songwriters, so this is a significant step towards securing correct compensation. Early data identifiers are key in order to form a sustainable music industry and this is an important part of making Auddly the global reference point for all song metadata.”

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