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Clare Sands | IMRO Creative Rooms

August 31, 2022

IMRO Creative Rooms is an online content series that invites artists to share an intimate insight into their creative process, by showing the spaces they create in.

Channelling the music of her ancestors, 6th generation fiddler and bilingual singer Clare Sands is a unique force in Irish music. Creating boundary breaking Fearless Folk music inspired by her travels around Ireland and the world, Sands sings for the young and the old, the brave and the bold.

Wowing audiences with her groundbreaking traditional style and infinite warrior-like energy, these electrifying live performances see Clare on fiddle, guitar, percussion & vocals combined with live electronics to create soundscapes of story and song. Playing with the likes of Hothouse Flowers, her musical soul brothers, as well as Kíla, Imelda May, Mary Coughlan & more – Clare’s free and fearless spirit is never shy.

Throughout 2021 Clare collaborated with some of Ireland’s finest Folk and Traditional musicians – Susan O’Neill, Steve Cooney & Tommy Sands, Brídín, & Liam Ó Maonlaí – for her unique project ‘Tírdhreacha agus Fuaimdhreacha.’ Described by Mark Radcliffe (The Folk Show, BBC2) as ‘Hypnotic, Tribal, and Full of Life’ – these songs are a taste of the invigorating sound to come.

2022 will see the release of Clare’s highly anticipated self-titled Fearless Folk album. This celebration of resilience, love and hope explores tradition, the sea, and the power of women through the dark and light, love and loss, rise and fall. The first single ‘Awe na Mná (Praise the Women)’ amassed 20,000+ views within a week and the recently released ‘Sail On’ featured on RTE 1 & BBC Radio Ulster playlists, Spotify’s ‘A Breath of Fresh Éire’ and was Number 1 on the Airplay Charts.

The return of live music has brought Clare to Celtic Connections, Folk Alliance USA, the Irish Arts Center NYC, and most recently Glastonbury Festival, Body & Soul, All Together Now, with much more to come.

How important is it for you to have a dedicated creative space?

Extremely important. The pace of the world at the moment is so fast – having that creative space that allows you to be creatively free is so important to me.

What makes this space work for you?

A space that is dedicated solely to creating rather than anything else. An organised space also helps hugely, and one that has any bit of nature… near bodies of water are always a good shout for swims after a day in the studio.

In what way(s) does this space influence your output?

It allows me to be me, and to be free, to experiment, to play, to grow.

What’s your favourite instrument/piece of kit? And why?

At the moment my cello. I love the depth, and bellowing tones – I can feel them running through me when I play!

What would make this space better for you?

Finances i think! To better insulate, and soundproof. In general though, I think if your mind is at peace you can create anywhere. Some of my best ideas come to me in the car, or in the sea – being on the move can be good too.


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