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What is MCPSI?

Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ireland Limited (MCPSI) is an organisation which represents thousands of composers and publishers of music. By way of agency agreement with MCPS and through their reciprocal agreements with other organisations around the world, MCPSI also represents the interests of many thousands of other music copyright owners in other countries. MCPSI licenses companies and individuals who record musical works and collects and distributes the royalties payable under those licences. This service is available to anybody who wants to use recorded music including record companies, independent production companies, mobile and online companies and many others. MCPSI also licenses the importation of recordings from outside of the EU.

Contact Details

Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (Ireland) Ltd (MCPSI)
Pembroke Row
Lower Baggot Street
Dublin 2

T: +353 1 6766940
F: +353 1 6611316
E: (for CD and DVD clearance and membership) and (for general licensing, online licensing and clearance for synchronisation)

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