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Do you make or supplement your living through music or art? and IMRO have joined forces to provide IMRO members with an affordable and comprehensive tax and work visa solution.

This partnership offers a discounted rate on a range of bespoke services including:

For VAT Registered Music Creators and Production Companies:

For Self-Employed or PAYE Music Creators:

  1. Domestic and Foreign VAT Recovery
  2. Tax refunds for PAYE workers
  3. Filing of Self-Assessed tax returns will maximise your tax refunds whilst ensuring you are fully compliant with all the Irish tax regulations which apply to your individual circumstances.

  1. Dividends / Property Tax – Compliancy

If you earn an income from dividends or from domestic or foreign property rental, we can also look after your tax requirements but extra fees may apply. However, any supplementary fees will still be in line with our competitive fee structure for IMRO members.

Artist Exemption Scheme Tax Recovery A certain proportion of royalty income earned by songwriters and composers may be exempt from tax in Ireland under strictly defined circumstances through the Artist Exemption Scheme (subject to individual circumstances, assessment and clearance by the Revenue Commissioners).

Section 195, Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 empowers the Irish Revenue to make a determination that certain artistic works are original and creative works generally recognised as having cultural or artistic merit.


Reclaiming Overseas Tax (e.g. Royalties etc) Many IMRO members have
overseas earnings from sources such as per formance royalties, which may be taxed as much as 35%. Our comprehensive withholding tax refund service will minimise your tax liabilities so that you reclaim the maximum amount due to you. The specialists have crafted the IMRO service on the basis of an exhaustive knowledge of international tax treaties.

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