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Reject. Connect exhibition at Smock Alley featuring compositions by Ken Tuohy

February 3, 2023

In a world where Cancel Culture and the Selfie Society can determine your mere existence online, should we be looking beyond the alluring aesthetic into the unknown ugliness offline to find real substance?

Two creators, creative photographer Tim Bingham and visual artist Karen Lee ‘swiping left until they both hit on that elusive creative seed unite with composer Ken Tuohy to create a unique immersive experience which takes a puerile approach to their new series of photographs and paintings. This has culminated in a distinctive exhibition which runs in conjunction with Scene & Heard Festival of New Work at Smock Alley Theatre 1662, Banquet Hall, 9th to 25th February.

This is Tinder for artists where photography meets visual art fused with the musical rhythm of the composer’s interpretation of the works. Reject. Connect. is an exhibition of 10 artworks, 10 soundscapes and the 10 photos that inspired them.

Capturing the charm in the mundane, Tim lay bare his idea of what beauty is while Karen unscrupulously sifted through his extensive collection of photos, ‘swiping left’ until she found 10 photos that evoked that elusive creative seed. Composer, Ken Tuohy, has created 10 original soundscapes to accompany each photo, allowing the viewer to be completely immersed in the world of the photographer and the painter. The idea that none of us escape judgement nor the intense feeling of rejection – through our relationships, friendships, and work – is universal… as is the fervid feeling one gets when everything aligns and inevitably a connection is made.

Opening night Wednesday, 08th of February @ 6.30 pm

Tim Bingham

Tim Bingham is an award-winning creative photographer from Killarney, Ireland. He is a Professional Member of Visual Artists Ireland. His work aims to capture a descriptive narrative and truthfulness in his urban images, with detail and an original eye.

Tim’s photographs have been exhibited in a variety of exhibitions across Europe and America. His short film ‘Canvas in the Sky’ in collaboration with Karen and Noreen Bingham has garnered international recognition being selected in various film festivals including Irish Film London 2022, Bloomsday Festival 2022 ,Film One Fest 2022, The 8th Shahr International Film Festival 2022 and winning the International URBAN VISIONS award at Architecture and the Future of Cities 2022.

Karen Lee

Karen Lee is a Dublin based and self-taught artist whose art focuses on abstract scapes. She is drawn to industrial form and a bright palette and she constructs her work around land and nature with high rise buildings inspired from around Ireland and the globe.

She has recently contributed work to the SCOOP Foundation, the CRC, the Pluid Project and Outhouse. Following a very successful solo exhibition in Smock Alley Theatre during the Scene & Heard Festival earlier this year, Karen went on to win the Tara Building Creative Residency Award. She is represented online by Singulart. This is her second time collaborating with Tim.

Ken Tuohy

Irish composer Ken Tuohy has written music for documentaries, short films, radio dramas, plays and the concert stage. He studied music at the DIT Conservatory of Music & Drama, The Royal Irish Academy of Music, The National University of Ireland, Maynooth, and the University of Limerick. Having trained with American film composers and orchestrators Don B. Ray, Robert Drasnin, Scott Smalley, Conrad Pope, Christopher Young and Craig Garfinkle, he was awarded the International Certificate in Film Scoring by the University of California, Los Angeles, and Screen Training Ireland.

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