Manamon Shares Debut Single

March 25, 2021

Manamon is the alias of Dublin Singer/Songwriter Sean McManamon. Manamon writes/produces his songs and seeks to trailblaze a unique sound that is completely his own, while being free to experiment and not be pigeonholed into a specific genre. Manamon’s music draws from an eclectic mix of genres, from Indie Rock to Folk and Dream Pop to Electronica. His influences range from Elliott Smith to Grimes, and Bonobo to Soccer Mommy. 

Debut singly. ‘In A Frame’, is a song about confiding in someone, giving help to those who have your back and acknowledging that dark or heavy thoughts seem some much lighter when we have a medium to channel them through, like a friend, or a piece of art. It’s just just a celebration of unleashing something that’s been stuck inside you for so long. The song seeks to create an otherworldly feel with a climactic finale, following with a meditative outro with an air of acceptance.

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