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Indie-Rock band Kill ‘Em Charlie release new single Local High Roller

January 27, 2023

Kill ‘Em Charlie are a five piece indie rock band who hail from Cork, Ireland. The band consists of Eoghan McGuigan (Vocals/Guitar), Alex Sheehan (Backing vocals, Guitar), Patrick Kirwan (Guitar), George Broadbank (backing vocals, Guitar) and Damon Walsh (Drums).

Alex, George, Patrick and a previous member started playing music together by doing Green Day covers in a garden shed in their school days. Around 2016, Eoghan was brought in on vocals and the band started to focus on writing original material. In 2019, Damon joined the band on drums and Kill ‘Em Charlie was officially born. This is when the band started to get into the craft and found their sound. The band have been gigging, recording and writing music non-stop ever since

Since forming, Kill ‘Em Charlie have played shows in Cyprus Avenue in Cork, Dublin’s Whelans and Valley of Arts Festival in Tipperary.

With a reconfigured line up, they released their debut EP I Hope This Works for You (‘Cause it Does for Me) in October of 2020. The band’s ethos is “if we think it, we can write it”.

Each song on their debut EP shows a different side of the band’s personality as they want to get across how versatile they are with their sound and song writing attitude. The band’s previous releases are a glimpse into their foundations and their influences. Their inspirations include the likes of Kings of Leon, Fontaines DC, Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand.

With the release of their single, Hazey in late 2021 and the live EP Live at Rebel Recordings in the summer of 2022, the band further built upon the foundations of their 2020 debut. They are now super excited they get to showcase how they have developed their sound and built on those foundations with their second upcoming studio EP No Ties To The Morning due to be released in Spring 2023. The band feel this is a definitive statement of where their sound has developed to this point and is a statement of intent going forward.

The first single off the new upcoming EP is titled Local High Roller and drops January 27th 2023 marking an exciting new year for the band as they hope to take their career a step further.

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