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Cork indie-rockers Skies Behind share the raw emotion of Ghost

March 22, 2023

Skies Behind’s are a Cork, Ireland based indie rock band whose sound is founded on the raw emotion and energy of alternative rock.

The band’s live sound has resonated strongly with their local scene, selling out their latest headline show in An Spailpín Fánach as well as playing a packed show at the Whelans Midnight Hour. Previous releases have seen them gain radio play from Corks Red FM, KCLR FM, Radio Nova, Dublin City FM and UCC 98.3FM.

Skies Behind are playing multiple shows across the country throughout March and April.

Following on from their late January release Way Back, Ghost was released March 20th.

Ghost began as one of a series of demos released by Skies Behind in January 2021. The song grew as the band began gigging throughout the year, with their love of harmonic, heavy, washy guitar layers being paired with a more subdued vocal style not seen in their earlier releases. Influences such as Two Way Mirror by Loathe or Say It by NewDad helped to shape the sound finally realized in this track. Recorded primarily at home by the band, with the drums being recorded at Kitten Lane Studios by Aidan O’Mahony. Mike Dwyer of Bunker Recording Studios mixed and mastered the track.

Lyrically, the song delves into how looking back on the past can be reassuring but also intoxicatingly harmful. An overwhelming sense of longing dominates the song’s message. A longing for the past, for comfort, for certainty. However, trying to always return to how things where is never possible, and stops us from growing.
We can never move on, we’re stuck in the past.
The feeling is wrong, but you want it to last.

Uncertainty can be paralyzing, it can often be much easier to just wait for the world to transform around you, rather than embracing the change. We can be tricked by our memories. Be made to believe that things were easier in the past, we knew what we were doing. But that’s a lie we like to tell ourselves. No one has a clue what they’re doing.
We’re all floating, out of home.

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