AIS to Release Third Single

January 18, 2021

Dublin Native AIS releases her third single, ‘(I Just Wanna) Move My Feet Again’ on 22nd January. It was produced by Davide Tarragoni (Obnoxious D a : t a).

The track has a reminiscent, but hopeful tone. It’s an appreciation of the times we had and the times ahead. AIS wanted to release a song about how difficult things have been and how much we miss dancing. Davide perfectly created the melodic ideas AIS had imagined and more.

 AIS  speaks for everyone when she sings;

 “I just wanna see my friends again

 I just want to live”.  

There’s a reason why we are missing the dancing,the clubs, the gigs, the events. The truth is, dancing and music connect us all.  Having the luxury of being able to just go for a dance or to a gig unplanned was such an honour that can be appreciated now more than ever!

I miss the energy

I miss the connection

Making friends with strangers,

 any problems from the day you’re forgetting”

AIS says that at first, she felt upset thinking about all the good times in the past. Now, she is going by the motto, “I’m grateful for the way things used to be and hopeful for the future.” Let’s be grateful together for the good times and move our feet in our homes until we can move our feet together again!



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