Music Usage Declaration

Changing Public Performance Details

From time to time, you may wish to change the way you use music to enhance your business operations.

By completing a Customer Declaration Form and providing up to date details of your music use, IMRO can ensure your music licence accurately reflects your music use.

Customer Declaration Form

  • Account Details

  • Change in Music Performance Particulars

  • By ticking this box you confirm that the above particulars are correct in every respect and you acknowledge that any undeclared increase in music usage will be charged at the first year rates i.e. 50% higher. Please note: Having a TV licence does not negate the need for a music licence.
  • From time to time, IMRO may contact you by email in order to inform you about existing and new services, special offers and discounts which may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive marketing emails from IMRO please tick this box:
  • Please Note:

    Failure to complete the performance particulars in full and accurately may result in a review of all prior declarations by the licensee. In the event of a review, the licensee may become liable for further assessments in royalties for a period of years prior to such a review. The licensee shall inform IMRO in writing of any change in the performance particulars that affects the royalty calculation. This notification must be provided to IMRO promptly and in any event not later than thirty (30) days following the date of such change and the notice shall include sufficient information to enable IMRO to verify the change and to assess whether an adjustment to the royalty is required. IMRO shall review the notified change in performance particulars and shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, notify the licensee of the adjustment, if any, to the Royalty and the date from which it will take effect provided always that if the reason for change in the performance particulars is that the licensee has ceased to trade or has disposed of the premises to which the license relates, any adjustment will take effect from the date of cessation or disposal. The licensee shall provide IMRO with such additional information as it may reasonably require in order to assess whether an adjustment to the Royalty is required. Adjustments to the Royalty shall be made at the sole discretion of IMRO. IMRO shall be under no obligation to make any adjustment to the Royalty following a change to performance particulars where the licensee has failed to comply with its obligations under this clause. Without prejudice to the foregoing, if the licensee delivers the notice after the thirty (30) day notification period specified above and the change is verified and an adjustment to the Royalty is assessed as required, the adjustment shall take effect from a date not earlier than the date of receipt of the notice by IMRO.


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