Jack Rua Releases ‘Rise’

November 15, 2019

Innovative pop artist Jack Rua is throwing innuendos out the window on his bold new dance-pop banger ‘Rise’, featuring Irish hip-hop artist Darce. Taking inspiration from EDM and house music, ‘Rise’ continues Jack’s lyrical themes of sexual liberation and self-empowerment, all over a sweetly produced track produced by Irish dance producer and musician Porridge.

Jack’s infectious pop hooks and summersaulting vocals mix seamlessly with Darce’s expeditious and raunchy rapping to create a grooving anthem that celebrates the healing powers of sex and love.

The song was released on November 15th and is available on all streaming platforms now, including on Spotify where it got added to the UK’s New Music Friday editorial playlist.

Stitched together from elements of glam; dance; folk and theatre, Jack Rua has developed a brand of music that can dance across the entire pop spectrum. Heavily influenced by the glamorously gaudy stylings of David Bowie; Lady Gaga; Prince and Madonna, Jack is carving a space for himself in the music industry where authenticity and depth can go hand in hand with artificiality and excess. His music, coupled with his visual work with fellow Dublin queer artist PureGrand, proves that Jack Rua is an artist with a unique sound and vision.

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Photo Credit: PureGrand

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