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Zapho and Cleaviedmai team up for ‘Pay The Piper’

April 13, 2023

Co founding hybrid super group, The X Collective during the pandemic, Zapho has kept busy and secured a number of collaborations under her belt. ‘Pay the Piper’ collaboration with Celaviedmai is the 4th single and first collaboration to feature on Zapho’s whopper 13 track album.

This is the fourth single and first collaboration on my debut album and I’m so excited for you all to hear it! Pay The Piper is one of my most sapphic tunes yet. I always wanted to do this track with another artist from the LGBT community.  It’s important to me to make art and visuals that are true to my experience and the experience of other lgbt folks out there. I can remember the first time I saw Celaviedmai perform and I was in literal shock, I thought “sweet Jesus who is this goddess of rap I see before me?!”.

I honestly loved working with Mai on this so much. We really took our time with the whole thing and even gigged it a bit and made little tweaks here and there, until it felt just right. We actually yowled with laughter in the writing process, having to PG the christ out lyrics with suggestive innuendos instead. Totally gas experience, but also honest and sexy. The experience really made me feel empowered as a woman and artist, when you share a creative space with another artist, you always learn new things. Its an addictive feeling.”  ZAPHO

Speaking on the project, Celaviedmai commented:

“Working with incredible female artists is one of my favourite ways to collaborate when making music… But teaming up with Ele to make a song about girls who like girls, was particularly fun! Zapho is such a pleasure to work with, the visual was created by an all female team and I’ll take any chance I can get to celebrate queer love – so I’m really excited for the world to hear Pay the Piper.”

Zapho & Friends ‘Pay The Piper’ Launch Party Workmans Dublin April 22nd
To celebrate the release of Pay the Piper ft. Celaviedmai, Zapho is gathering very Special Guest Acts including: CelaviedmaiToshínSenitaJeorge IIJamel Franklin for a night of music.

Tickets on sale now here:

Video Directed & Edited by: Bekah Molony
Shot by: Wiktoria Weintritt & Bekah Molony

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