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‘We Want The World’ – the first single from Oski Bravo’s debut album is available 30th April 

April 4, 2022

“We Want the World” the first single from Oski Bravo’s debut album is brooding and melodic, with dark elements hinted at throughout. A crashing opening gives way to an electric guitar which immediately hooks your ear. Verses then sit upon a punchy bassline reminiscent of The Pixies.

“Hide your truth in a memory, or scratch it down in your diary, just don’t let them find you.” The lyric suggesting some sort of cat and mouse game which is played out in the eerie accompanying video, taken from the seminal 1920’s German horror film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”.

“The song is about someone being controlled and yearning to be able to be themselves”, explained songwriter Donnchadh Egan. “So I immediately thought of using The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari as an expression of that control. It’s really spooky looking which fits the tone, and with the band finally coming out of our frozen animation caused by Covid, I thought the message and the aesthetic fit pretty well.”

An almost dreamlike wave washes over the song’s breakdown before the words “We want the world…and we want you” are first uttered; initially in an innocent falsetto before rising as the song starts to build higher and higher until the protagonist screams “Don’t let ‘em find you!”

“We Want the World” rumbles forward with ever-gathering pace until it finally crashes to a halt with the same violence that marked its opening. A whirlwind ending to a very spiky and aggressive pop song.

As venues and festivals finally begin to open up nationwide and beyond, what better way to state your ambition then by saying “We Want the World”?

The Dublin five piece started with Donnchadh Egan and his beautifully crafted collection of songs. Having release a number of EPs since 2017 the band have been a set feature across Irelands festival circuit and have received extensive national airplay. In support of their debut release a number of summer dates are being finalised with appearances with For Those I Love and Kíla already secured.

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