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Wallis Bird Releases New Single ‘Go’ From Upcoming Album ‘Hands’

April 29, 2022

Wallis Bird treats us to single number four, ‘Go’, ahead of the release of her seventh studio album, HANDS, available 27th May.

An inward reflection staring countless possibilities in the face, ‘Go’ is a song about beginnings. About looking at your present situation and saying: What do you want to do? Do you want to do something a bit different? A bit odd?

It’s about forcing yourself to stand out from the crowd when you want to – pursuing your passions and desires, because when it comes down to it, nobody else is going to do it for you. It’s about relenting and saying “let’s do it, let’s get started” – embracing the uncertainty of what’s in store; because life’s too short to not try.

Riddled with hooky adornments, this fourth single flaunts the aptitude of Wallis’ upcoming record, out next month. It illustrates the essence of Wallis Bird in a tastefully wrapped two minutes – showcasing what makes the prospect of album number seven worth the wait!

Irish-born and Berlin based, Wallis Bird has released six albums since 2007, for which she’s won two Meteor Awards, Ireland’s annual music prize – mostly recently for Best Female Artist – and a prestigious 2017 German ‘Music Autoren Preis’ (Music Author Prize), not to mention two further nominations for the Choice Music Prize, Ireland’s equivalent to Britain’s Mercury Prize. In addition, she’s racked up over a thousand shows during the past decade, earning a reputation worldwide for her legendarily passionate, energetic and good-humoured concerts. Wallis has also previously found a champion in American artists Amanda Palmer, and the Irish Times once noted that Bird’s irrepressible trademark energy on stage could “kickstart an entire economy”.

‘Go’ propels us into Wallis’ seventh studio album to date. HANDS – also known as ‘NINE AND A HALF SONGS FOR NINE AND A HALF FINGERS’ – is a turning of the spotlight onto herself, raising issues that are sometimes far harder to face. Confronting themes of trust, alcohol abuse, stagnation, self-censorship and self-improvement. Each of them, however, is delivered by a voice uncommonly blessed with joy, ingenuity and empathy.

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