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Variant Sea Release Their Debut Album ‘Journey’

November 4, 2022

Variant Sea are a Dublin/Reykjavik based ambient-post rock duo comprising pianist Luke Duffy and guitarist Shell Dooley. Working together to create visually inspired instrumental music, the pair have merged subtle piano melodies and turbulent multi-layered guitars to deliver a cinematic and atmospheric sound that is their own. Following the success of their first three records, their 2021 single ‘Wayfare’ was chosen for Classical New Releases and Not Quite Classical editorial playlists on Spotify and has over 400k streams to date.

‘Journey’ is Variant Sea’s first album, with eight works creating an emotional soundscape of a journey through life and the challenges that shape a person. Variant Sea have developed their sound further on this collection to create an immersive and reflective atmosphere for the listener.

‘Journey’ is out now on:

Spotify | Bandcamp | Amazon Music | Apple Music | Deezer | iTunes

and all major streaming platforms

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