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Undertones multi-instrumentalist Damien O’Neill shares new EP

March 31, 2023

“an crann” (The Tree), the third solo album from multi-instrumentalist Damian O’Neill (The Undertones, That Petrol Emotion, The Everlasting Yeah), is an exquisitely inventive collection of largely instrumental tracks, mixed by veteran producer Paul Tipler (Stereolab, Placebo, Julian Cope, House Of Love) and was released to great acclaim this past November. Louder Than War remarked…“Do yourself a favour, lock the door on these merciless winter nights, give this a spin and let your mind float downstream” while Vive Le Rock noted of opening track “Más O Menos”…”with its trippy rhythms, Farfisa organ and Glockenspiel pings, it acts like an overture to the russet-colored wonderland that is ‘an crann’…”.

“Más O Menos” has since been given the remix treatment, prompting Dimple Discs to release this exotic new EP. Damian explains…”There’s definitely a French connection to “Más O Menos” (even though the title’s in Spanish!). I came up with the opening bass riff after seeing French band The Limiñanas play an amazing show at the Garage in London. They’re obviously influenced by Serge Gainsbourg and I wanted to replicate a bass part that could’ve come from Serge’s ‘Histoire de Melody Nelson’ album from 1971. Once I had the riff, the rest of the track was easy to write with the help of added tremelo guitar and organ. I guess things went full circle after I got in touch with Lionel Limiñana (through a mutual friend of ours) and sent him the track to remix. He looped the bass riff and added a French narrative about a mysterious woman searching for Andy Weatherall’s grave in a cemetery at midnight. It’s exactly how I hoped it would be – hypnotic and very atmospheric!

Of Kevin Sharkey‘s mix he continues…”Kevin’s one of my best friends and we’ve known each other now for nearly 30 years. He’s an incredibly versatile drummer, we’ve collaborated on different musical projects in the past and has been making a name for himself lately with his remixes (he did a great one of Cathal Coughlan’s ‘Crow Mother’) as well as working on his own music. He recently also signed a deal with DSPPR (Disappear) Records.

Kevin’s remix of “Más O Menos” takes the listener on a different journey – there’s a Spaghetti Western theme going on with plenty of added percussion. Every time I hear it, I discover something new…and I’m delighted”.

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