Twin Pop Duo ROOUE Kicking 2021 Off with a Blast of Pop

January 11, 2021

Following their arrival on the scene in late 2020, pop due ROOUE release their brand new single ‘Flavour’” on Friday, January 15th, 2021. ‘Flavour’ is about being bored of normal monotonous life and the same bland relationships, this song captures the moment when you decide to get more from life, get a taste of new flavours.

This song captures more of a disco dance feel compared to their debut, ‘What You Want’, providing a more old-school 00’s vibe. “This song resonates with us from being in quarantine craving a sense of excitement and an escape from confinement,” say ROOUE.

ROOUE are twin sisters Ro and Lou, born in London and living in Dublin, Ireland since their pre-teens. Singing with one another since they could walk, ROOUE excel in their connection with music and each other with the use of signature blended harmonies and diverse counter melodies.

Inspirations deriving from artists such as NAO, BANKS, Lennon Stella and Christina Aguilera. With this release, ROOUE demonstrate the beginning of an exciting career with loads more music and gigs to come.

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