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Trophy Wife releases jangly new track “Scully”

April 14, 2023

Trophy Wife (Ruby Smyth) is an indie rock singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Ireland. Aiming to harness the energy of the vibrant indie scene in Dublin Trophy Wife hopes to rise to the top of her game and harness the power of her demographic with an elevated sound chronicling her experiences of life as a queer woman in her 20’s.

“Scully” is an immediate, textured and exciting insight into what Irish indie rock does best. Opening with jangly guitars (a la Snail Mail, Beabadoobee, Clairo, NewDad) and building to a big and dynamic chorus (harkening to Pixies, early Pretenders, Wet Leg etc.), Scully captures the guitar driven momentum of indie rock while elevating the sound to create conversational instrumentation, well thought out harmonies, informed ideas and sonic richness – all integral to the TW sound.

Named after the iconic X – files character played by Gillian Anderson, Scully sees Trophy Wife grapple with an internal landscape of anxiety, paranoia and despair while in a seemingly banal, ordinary and domestic setting. The song explores the question of whether we can truly trust our own judgement at any given time, whether our innate instincts are always in our best interest, and whether we can ever subside the guilt that arises with sharing the parts of ourselves we deem to be the least palatable and most vulnerable. With heavy queer undertones, the song paints a complex and intimate picture set to music.

Scully is a song for people like me who are painfully self aware and hold emotions very close to their chest. It came to me one day while watching TV and contemplating the difference between the inner and outer world. Sonically I wanted it to be exciting and layered – focussing on conversational guitar lines, big rich harmonies and a driving beat throughout. It slaps – and Gillian Anderson is really hot so, there’s that too.” – Trophy Wife

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