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Trick Mist and Pizza Pizza Records Release Live Performance Video for ‘Flagbearer’ & ‘Crumbs’

March 16, 2022

Songwriter, electronic musician and multi instrumentalist Trick Mist (Gavin Murray) presents a beautiful live performance video shot on Christian’s Hill, Ardee. The Pizza Pizza Records produced video sees the electronic artist performing in his favourite field.

Featured is a new song ‘Flagbearer’ along with a new version of older song ‘Crumbs Abound’.

In Murray’s words-

The song Flagbearer was written after my Nan’s wake. It was such a mad time returning to her home house. I hadn’t been there in so long and I was confronted by memories of the place mixed with the whirlwind intensity of a traditional Irish wake. A wake is a great Irish ritual. I reckon it’s something we do well. The song is an ode to that as well as to her. The hill in the video is called Christian’s Hill. I used to love coming over here as a kid. The structure’s function seems unclear. Some people say it was a lookout post, others say a mill for flax or flour. Another theory is that the hill was a place of worship or ritual. This is the theory I like the most! So I’ve decided to create my own ritual here today with my flag, my art and my experience in a place that resonates. 


Trick Mist is Irish songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer Gavin Murray.

His arsenal of original samples and storytelling lyrics combined with gestures towards traditional Irish music and experimental electronics create a captivating, immersive and meditative musical space.

Trick Mist

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