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Tipperary singer Micah shares new single ‘Heaven and Hell’

March 6, 2023

Micah is riding high on the success of her 2022 releases ‘Shatterproof’ ‘Stranger’ and ‘Running to you’ where she has been compared to the likes of Lady Gaga (Adrianne Murphy NearFM) and picked up success in the likes of HotPress, Golden Plec, FM104, The Verge Music News, ICK Mag, Signal Flow and has had track of the week for her single ‘Running to You’ at Spin Southwest. 

Her previous releases such as ‘Take me away’ and ‘Forever’ have achieved great success with over 47K streams, rave reviews and features on prestigious platforms such as RTE’s Entertainment site. Her other releases with Leo Dynamic1 ‘Baby Baby’ and ‘Run and Hide’ have racked up over 250k views on YouTube so far. All tracks have received radio play in the U.S.A, Europe such as KISS FM, Australia and back home in Ireland (2FM track of the week).

Heaven and Hell (H&H) is based around two themes depending on how you interpret, finding faith and how that can uplift you, yet you struggle at the same time OR it is about falling for somebody, giving yourself over to them and knowing that they could destroy you if they wanted to, so it’s the heaven and hell of that relationship.

The song was produced by Cruiser who has worked with Sony, Interscope, X Factor, BBC etc. He also works frequently with Sync Licensing/publishing companies. While the German based Christoph ‘Hadl’ Hassel has polished the track with his incredible ear for vocals and arrangement working with labels such as Sony, Universal, Warner, Fox TV and that’s only the cliff notes.

For Micah, this song is influenced by Kate Bush, Fletcher, Halsey, Evanescence and Sia. It was a darker turn for the singer, but it is one that she is very inclined to take due to her music background.

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