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Timely New Single By Susan Quirke Offers Soothing Reminder of People’s Strength To Overcome

March 1, 2021

Limerick-born now Clare-based singer-songwriter Susan Quirke has shared a new single ‘To The Bone’, which features on her forthcoming debut album ‘Into the Sea’, due April 23rd 2021. (https://linktr.ee/susanquirke)

‘To The Bone’ features some brilliant Irish music veterans: Colm Mac Con Iomaire on violin (solo artist, The Frames, The Swell Season), Colm Quearney on guitar (The Square Pegs, Lír), Robbie Malone on bass (David Gray, Lír), Justin Carroll on piano (The Frames, Iron and Wine), and Graham Hopkins on drums (Therapy, The Frames, The Swell Season). The song was engineered by Ruth Kennington and Rían Trench, mastered by Grammy award-winner David Odlum, and co-produced by Susan Quirke and Colm Quearney.

‘To The Bone’ is a timely, soothing, and uplifting song about drawing on the deep well of strength that is inside us when we need it. Susan speaks to bearing witness to pain that can be seen on people’s faces, and shares the message that no matter what pain is visible, we are strong ‘to the bone’.

Interwoven and encoded throughout the song is a blessing that captures all the elements that nature provides us with for healing: earth to ground, water to purify, fire to alchemise, wind to cleanse.

Susan says:

“Many people are experiencing deep pain, grief, loneliness and isolation as a result of the pandemic. In many ways suffering is part of the human journey, as is the tremendous courage, resilience and strength people can often demonstrate during tough times.

I wrote this song for someone in my life who was going through a difficult time. It was written as an invocation for them, calling on them to remember their power and strength. It’s also written as a balm to soothe people’s hearts and minds.

It starts off quietly and then builds and builds to a full band sound, creating a call to the vast strength that lies deep within us all. It contains a blessing encoded in the lyrics that sings to the elements of nature that we can receive healing from: earth, wind, fire, water. In moments of pain and grief, there is an ancient well we can draw on inside us… To the bone is a reminder of something we sometimes forget – that we’re strong to the bone.”

Twitter thread: Susan announces new album and shares some of her story: https://twitter.com/SusanQuirke/status/1366345377390202882

Stream/Buy ‘To the Bone’ (single) by Susan Quirke via Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple etc.: https://linktr.ee/susanquirke

Pre-order Susan’s debut record ‘Into the Sea’, before its worldwide release on April 23rd, 2021: https://susanquirke.bandcamp.com/


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4MKLhHokuD1CrGY6sxKuWE?si=NJhbmZrvTjCbJzpmroZAgQ

Bandcamp: https://susanquirke.bandcamp.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvNJxqga3_nGxhyHBYhxcoQ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SusanQuirkeLoves/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SusanQuirke / @susanquirke

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/susanquirkeloves/

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