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THUMPER Release New Single ‘Overbite’ Taken From Upcoming Debut Album

January 20, 2022

Irish rock band THUMPER are among the leading lights of the booming guitar scene in Ireland.

Their latest single, ‘Overbite’ ebbs and flows in THUMPER’s signature style, shifting from fuzzy, riff-riddled soundscapes with compelling melodic shifts to a subdued, stripped-back rendition of the song’s returning motif.

As contemporaries of Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital, THUMPER have cornered the noise-pop market with a maximalist approach, stuffing every corner of their sound with blown-out melody and psych-drenched noise. Their penchant for unabashed hooks and saccharine melody, set against their signature wall of sound, sets them apart.

Live, THUMPER are a massive beast. There is a line-up of three guitarists, a bassist, two drum kits, and four-part harmonies, often totally at odds with the chaos below. THUMPER combine intense and wry lyricism with a huge, punk, sonic assault to startling – and hugely powerful – musical effect.

Lead singer Oisín Leahy Furlong:

“With lyrics full of nightmarish images alluding to the failure of a relationship ‘Overbite’ is the first part of a sprawling 20-minute long psych opus that ends our debut album. Releasing one-third of a song as a single is probably a strange career move, but then nothing about the THUMPER process ever seems to go by the book.

“With ‘Overbite’, we applied a different method to our songwriting, changing from our usual approach where I bring a musical concept for the band to run with. It’s one of the first purely collaborative efforts, in that Alan wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics.”

Hear all of this in THUMPER’s debut LP, which finally drops 18 March 2022 on Eva Magical Music Sounds.

The Overbite Suite is broken down as follows:

(i) Overbite 4.21
(ii) The Ghost
(iii) Down in Heaven


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