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THUMPER Announces Brand New Single ‘The Loser’

October 11, 2021

THUMPER will release a brand new single ‘The Loser’, due for release, October 15th.

This follows the success of the rereleased Ad Nauseam picking up support from BBC6, US Radio  and playlisting on Spotify and Apple Music. 

This highly anticipated single is a fresh start, kicking off an extensive UK tour and the build up to their debut album.

Lead singer, Oisin, says that: “ ‘The Loser’ is presented as a love song but is howled by an unreliable narrator. A fishing-for-compliments style tirade of non-sequiturs, each verse is bursting at the seams with faux self-depreciation. The song races along at breakneck speed, each section pushing past the crescendo of the last. As the final chorus blasts through your speakers, the saccharine melody reveals a pathetic character that has spent the whole song talking about themselves.”

A mainstay of THUMPER’s live set for years, this long requested studio version of The Loser comes in the lead up to THUMPER’s UK tour. With packed houses for shows in Liverpool, Wales, Blackpool, and Manchester last weekend, this October is ramping up for their debut album dropping early 2022 .

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