The Pickled Onions Back With Sophomore Effort

July 8, 2020

The Pickled Onions are back with their sophomore effort ‘The Mines’ out on July 10 2020.

Originally an electronic artist, The Pickled Onions, continues his foray into joy-inducing laid-back indie rock.

Four years in the making from his home studio in Dundrum, ‘The Mines’ represents a culmination of work and perseverance from Paddy McGovern helped along the way by some talented friends.

The intention of the project has always been to make lo-fi, homemade music for music’s sake.

Drawing influence from yesterday’s inspirations each track on the record is uniquely different while still maintaining a strong sense of musical identity.

The lead single ‘Room’ described by Remy’s music and film blog as; “a juggernaut of congenial columns of sound which are brash and delightful in equal parts. A straight-up, no frills indie-rock punch” is streaming on YouTube.

and is available now as a free download on Soundcloud

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