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The Crayon Set Release Double A-Side

July 15, 2021

Dublin-based The Crayon Set specialise in hook-filled, alternative pop. Their 3rd album ‘Downer Disco’ is due for release on 24th September ’21. It is their strongest album to-date filled with their trademark expertly-crafted pop songs & dual girl/boy vocal interplay – this time with added synth-pop & electronic goodness.

On 16th July the band will release two songs as a free taster from the album.

In keeping with their crayon-colour philosophy, you get to choose your favourite release: the synth-pop sunshine-bliss of ‘Summer Song’ or the indie-rock swagger of ‘Rock Star // Dream Girl’. Take your pick! Choosing both is also a valid option!

Speaking about ‘Summer Song’ the band said: “The song was meant to be a sort of bittersweet ode to bygone youth before proper jobs and responsibilities, when Summers were an endless parade of parties and festivals, meeting people and dancing all night, and everything seemed to mean the world in the moment but forgotten the next day, a throwaway song for a throwaway time…

‘Rock Star // Dream Girl’ file under ‘celebrity pop’! The song looks at the world of celebrity culture and fame-hunting. It’s nothing too serious – just a bit of harmless fun. The lyrics were appropriated from real quotes from minor celebs, so we may need a good – but cheap – legal team. It’s good fun to play live – we get to rock out a bit and to ironically fail at some rockstar posturing”.

The Crayon Set are delighted to release their new album ‘Downer Disco’ on 24th September 2021. It is available in neon-red vinyl which can be pre-ordered at

Founder / main songwriter Robert Baker on the album “We’re really pleased with the songs and the sound on the album and we can’t wait to release it. The album has a happy-sad dynamic going on – we’re always trying to write & record the perfect pop song but lyrically the songs couldn’t help but reflect the increasingly stressed-out world we breathe in every day.

So that’s where the album title came from – the idea of sad bangers, melody with melancholy, downer disco. In terms of the disco thing, it is a bit tongue-in-cheek but we did incorporate more electronic elements and we wanted to get people dancing more. Our previous album ‘Lost Languages’ was more folk-rock and acoustic, so it was probably a reaction to that.”

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