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The comeback of the Afro Irish artist Alicia Raye speaks on female confidence and sensuality in a fresh R&B take on UK Drill

May 10, 2023

Alicia Raye, the Afro Irish artist and activist, breaks into the new year with her new debut single ‘Emotional’, released on 28th April. The vocal and seductive track offers a fresh feminine R&B take on UK Drill, by exploring the complex emotions felt throughout a romantic relationship.

In ‘Emotional’, Alicia Raye depicts a relatable portrayal of submission from both parties in a relationship, while inviting women to embrace their vulnerability and sensuality. The new single also showcases Alicia Raye’s versatility and willingness to challenge the boundaries and gender expectations in the music industry. 

’Emotional’ is a call out for femininity in a male-dominated industry. Women in hip-hop don’t always have to be portrayed as masculine and rough. We can still make strides without having to step out of their feminine energy to conform to social norms and standards”.

With catchy hooks, the track’s deeper significance and meaning reflects Alicia Raye’s ongoing commitment to use her music as a platform for social activism.

After a year of anticipation, ‘Emotional’ marks the start of a new era in Alicia Raye’s career. With her groundbreaking approach to music, unapologetic lyrics and commitment to social change, she is a name to watch in the Irish/UK music scene and beyond.

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