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The Blizzards Announce Fourth Studio Album ‘Sometimes We See More In The Dark’

April 22, 2022

Mullingar Power rock-pop four piece, The Blizzards are delighted to announce their fourth studio album ‘Sometimes We See More In The Dark’ out May 13th

The band used their time in lockdown to explore their music and work on really defining their sound. Honing their melodic, dynamic hooks and crafting their pop guitar-driven song-writing. A true reflection of their musical identity in 2022.

The new album features the singles ‘Friction Burns’, Trigger Me’ and ‘Play God’ and showcases their strongest sound and writing since the bands formation. The previously three released singles are accompanied by equally stunning videos, the bands ethos to work with local Mullingar creative outlets and locations shines through their videos and production.

The initial plan was to release an EP of music, but the bands creativity levels were at an all-time high. A wealth of material developed from time spent in the studio by returning to their roots of just plugging in and playing.

The album making process represented many things for the members of the band but a common thread for all was creative freedom with no restraints..

Frontman Bressie says ‘it was about going back to the rawness of being in a garage band. The idea of making your instruments work for the song rather than the song work for the instrument. Lyrically it felt like the album wrote itself… Like they were there already. That’s always a special feeling because you know it’s coming from an authentic place’

Bassist, Louize Carroll first time making a full length album and being part of the process from start to finish ‘It’s the first time I’ve been part of an album from start to finish as a bass player many ways I feel more belonging and meaning together as a band with this new body of work. I’m so proud of what the band has achieved.’

Lead Guitarist Justin appreciated having a creative outlet during the global pandemic ‘For me it was being given an opportunity to write and record music during the pandemic. It gave us a chance not only to rediscover ourselves musically but also hone our dynamic as a four piece band and I’m looking forward to performing these songs live and likewise for drummer Dec, having a creative outlet during life’s chaos and creating music that represents the bands best material ‘To be in a position at this stage in our lives, where life is hectic and sometimes overwhelming, to be able to find time to create a special batch of songs has been very rewarding. Working creatively where the priority in the feel and vibe of each song has been dictated by us and not the industry feels very empowering after 15 years mostly spent trying to please people’

Niall Breslin aka (Bressie) (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Louize Carroll (Bass), Justin Ryan (Lead Guitar) and Dec Murphy (Drums) are stronger, more passionate and energised than ever and are ready to share it with the world. The previously released tracks are just an introduction to the album, recorded in Camden Recording Studios. The Album was produced and mixed by Aidan Cunningham and Bressie and engineered by Eloise Molle.

‘Sometimes We See More In The Dark’ out Friday May 13th across all digital platforms and to celebrate the release they will be playing an album launch party in The Academy Dublin on May 14th, tickets are on sale now and will be an explosive live show not to be missed.


  1. War Time General
  2. Friction Burns
  3. Sometimes We See More In The Dark
  4. Trigger Me
  5. Play God
  6. Currency Of My Soul
  7. Magic In Misery
  8. Something Grips You, Something Holds You
  9. Great Party
  10. Closing Time

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