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Suzi Quatro Endorses Tommy Keye’s Chart-topping Trip Back to the 70s

July 28, 2022

The legendary Suzi Quatro has endorsed the new Tommy Keyes single, which bears her name, and which has soared to the top of the iTunes chart.

Veteran music journalist Jackie Hayden of Hot Press explains:  “Tommy had sent me this terrific track and I thought it would be interesting to see what the legend herself thought of it, so I reached out to her”.

Tommy takes up the story:  “She was straight back to say that she liked it and that it captured the feel of the sound of the seventies, and she thanked me for the tribute”.

Tommy says that his early dancing days were to the chart-topping sound of the early 1970s – the golden era of teenage dances – epitomised by  Slade, Wizzard, Elton John and of course Suzi Quatro herself.  For this tribute, pounding drums, crashing guitars, a driving rock’n’roll beat, a lively sax solo and great harmonies – inspired by the Chinn-Chapman chart-topping formula – were lovingly recreated for a track that may send you searching in the attic for those old platform heels and bell-bottoms.  Have a listen to the lyrics and you’ll find them packed with playful references to the hits of the day.

Suzi Quatro (Teenage Discos ’73) was released on 28 July and has gone straight to Number One in the overall iTunes chart. It’s the perfect sound for summer.  Check out the brilliant YouTube video created by the award-winning cinematographer Peter Salisbury.

This is the first single from the forthcoming album Storytime.   The previous album Radio Days yielded an amazing 9 singles, all of which got extensive airplay in Ireland and internationally.  It also produced 3 Number Ones on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart, Any Other World, The Emigrants’ Blues and Radio Days.

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