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Spatial Music Workshop with composer Enda Bates

July 8, 2016

Date: 30 July
Time: 12-4pm
Location: Unit 4, James Joyce St., Dublin

The Spatial Music Collective and Association of Irish Composers are hosting a free Spatial Music Masterclass for composers and producers of electronic and electroacoustic music.

The masterclass is aimed at those who would like to learn how to use spatial audio and multi-channel loudspeaker setups in their own work. Participants will learn about monitoring using binaural techniques and headphones, Ambisonics, spatial music compositional strategies and adapting works for different loudspeaker configurations, and will also have an opportunity to audition their own work on the Collectives’ eight-channel Genelec loudspeaker system.

The masterclass is free of charge and will be presented by composer Enda Bates, as part of the Spatial Music Collective Incubation Space Residency with Dublin City Council at Unit 4, Foley St, in collaboration with the AIC Other Directions series supported by Arts Council Ireland.

To apply for a place on this masterclass, email spatialmc@nullgmail.com with “Spatial Music Masterclass” as the subject line before 5pm, Monday, July 18th, 2016. Please include a brief outline of your current level of experience with DAWs, Reaper and spatial audio in the email, along with your name, and contact details.

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