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South African Songwriter Bobbi Fallon Spreads Her Wings in Los Angeles with New Single & Video

October 12, 2021

IMRO catches up with Bobbi Fallon as she releases her new single ‘I Won’t Stand in your Way’.  Currently based in Los Angeles, she wrote and produced the song with her mentor Rodney Alejandro – who has worked with Tevin Campbell, The Temptations, and many more. Raised in Johannesburg, Bobbi Fallon’s new single and video is receiving exciting radio, streaming and online support in South Africa.

What was the inspiration for the single?
I wrote this song when I knew that I would have to leave my home, my family and my relationship in South Africa in order to pursue my dreams. I hypothesized how the conversation would go from the opposite point of view, from the people that love me’s perspective.

What is the song about?
The thought of ending a chapter of my life in order to welcome the next one scared me a lot. However I decided to rethink it from the other perspective, from the people supporting me and motivating me to leave my comfort zone and pursue my passion. Sacrifice is something that requires trust and love and that is what the song is all about. It is about embracing opportunities despite the temporary discomfort it may bring. It is about jumping into the deep end and learning to swim with the love and support of those around us. I knew that when I decided to follow my dreams and leave home, that I would be surrounded by love, understanding and support.

Tell us more about your background.
I was always musically inclined from a young age. By the time I was 14 I set my sights on the world’s best contemporary music school – Berklee College of Music. By 2017 I received a scholarship and jumped on a plane to attend my dream University. Being at Berklee allowed me to grow exponentially. I was challenged every single day to get better at my craft and expand my musical knowledge. While at Berklee I had the opportunity of being mentored by giants of the music industry. One of my greatest mentors has been multi-Grammy nominated musician, composer and producer Rodney Alejandro who has collaborated with the likes of The Script, Quincy Jones, Destiny’s Child, Sting, Fergie, Ray Charles and more. He has had belief in me from day one and has guided me in releasing my debut single ‘I Won’t Stand in Your Way’.

Previous singles that you’ve released?
This is my debut single as Bobbi Fallon. However I have been featured on collaborations for dance music some of which to name: One Night – Kasango feat. Jamie Fallon Smith which also features on Black Coffee’s Music is King 2019 Appreciation Mix, Suddenly – Vanco feat. Jamie Fallon Smith, Humanity – Roy Malakian feat. Jamie Fallon Smith. These tracks have been successful worldwide. Vanco and Bobbi’s “Suddenly” has been remixed by Badbox from London and is being released September 10th 2021 by Sondela (Defected Record’s new South African division).

What can we expect from you in the future? Any planned releases?
Sondela released my collaboration Badbox & Vanco feat. Bobbi Fallon – Alive in September and I plan on releasing my next single at the end of this year and a follow up at the beginning of next year.

Tell us more about your connection with the South African audience.

Born and raised in South Africa, South Africa will always be my home. When I released my track “One Night” South Africa were right there supporting it and cheering me on. I performed at Ultra Music Festival South Africa in the beginning of 2020 and that was life-changing. There is nothing like the warmth of a South African audience.



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