Skinner Unveils Latest Release

June 5, 2020

Skinner is a 22-year-old DIY slouch rock musician based in Dublin who writes, records and produces songs about growing up and overcoming a dirt-flecked 21st century existence.

The DNA of no wave and post-punk acts like The B52s, James Chance and the Contortions and ESG through to alt-rock touchstones Pixies and Morphine combined with an talent for grunge-nodding self-production and pockets of elevated instrumentation is oozing from Skinner’s music.

Skinner releases his fourth single ‘Dislocation’ today.

The song is about defiance and questioning every aspect of why we do things if ultimately they make us unhappy. It was written by splicing up lines from a few different songs I had and arranging them on a page, just like Bowie used to do. You’re told you can do anything and be anything so long as it doesn’t piss anyone off too much and you don’t go too far outside the role society has given you. I feel like the song addresses the feelings of frustration you get from playing along to everyone else’s expectations.”

Skinner released three singles in 2019, ‘Sometimes My Brain is Go’, ‘Slouch’, and ‘Headroom’, which have received airplay from KCRW, BBC Across the Line, RTÈ and 98FM’s John Barker and chosen as one of Nialler9’s top Irish acts to look out for in 2019. Spotify chose Skinner as the main cover art for their popular An Alternative Eire playlist.

Skinner and his band have performed at festivals like Quarter Block Party in Cork, Arcadian Field in Dundalk and the Galway Fringe Festival.

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