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Singer-songwriter Leslie Dowdall Announces Sept 3rd release of new EP ‘BRIGHTLIGHT’

August 9, 2021

Drawing on the emotions of these turbulent times, Leslie has penned four soulful new tracks – conquering love, loss and letting go.

Undaunted by the challenges of recording in lockdown, and adapting to using Zoom as part of the creative process, she set about making the magic happen. Together with famed producer, Peter Eades (Finbar Furey, Dubliners etc.) who gave his invaluable skills, time and creative input, they jumped every hurdle and cut a record. The result is proof that where there’s a will… there’s music.

Alongside recording her new EP, Leslie also embraced the move to online concerts, taking part in Rock against Homelessness @ Windmill lane, with award winning Mark Caplice and Rathfarnham Rhythms, with Mike Hanrahan, which was recorded in the beautiful setting of Rathfarnham castle, and is due for release shortly.

Like music fans everywhere, Leslie is longing for the buzz of a live gig… but in the meantime, she hopes you enjoy listening to BRIGHTLIGHT as much as she enjoyed creating it!


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