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shiv Shares New Single ‘Where You Are’

September 17, 2021

Zimbabwean-Irish singer-songwriter, shiv, returns with her brand new single ‘Where You Are’ on September 17th. The track is taken from the upcoming EP ‘The Love Interlude’ set for release October 8th. 


The first track to be lifted from the artists second EP, the latest track ‘Where You Are’ is another blend of shiv’s signature lo-fi R&B and soul sound that captivated tastemakers and fans around the world; peppered with hip-hop and sultry jazz, the song was written in Paris with producer and sax player Adrien Soleiman. With a knack for writing refreshingly honest lyrics on the trials and tribulations of life and relationships, shiv returns with another deeply personal track exploring the often chaotic journey of love. “We have been fed a narrative of a perfect kind of love, that is effortless and uncomplicated, that means that you will find someone who fits every part of you flawlessly,” the artist muses. “More often than not, this isn’t the case, it’s the imperfection that makes love fulfilling, it’s in learning and growing that you find happiness that is gratifying because of the time you have spent nurturing it.” The instrumentation and vocal melodies reflect the ever-changing journey that love takes you on and help to enhance the emotions felt throughout. The disorderly nature of love is reflected in the verse, juxtaposed with the ethereal switch in the chorus which indicates the sometimes other-worldly sense of elation felt when completely and utterly infatuated with someone. Embodying the spirit of Spring in the song, with the cycle of love getting ready to begin again. “It is a time of rebirth, hope, and new beginnings following the taxing and draining experience brought on by the cold and lonely winter months. Spring opens up a fresh perspective and makes way for a new path to be tread with fresh eyes and a wealth of experience and wisdom.” 


shiv – the moniker of Siobhan McClean – has been keeping herself busy behind the scenes with the four-track audio-visual EP, shot in 16mm film. Using seasonal visionary and music to represent the emotions we experience in the cyclical and ever-changing journey of love, the songs on the body of work represent each season of the year and will be accompanied by a short-film type visual: “it’s cyclical, with highs and lows, but if you nurture it you come out of the lows stronger, bigger and better and can get back to that new love feeling, in whatever form or direction it turns into..” Honing her craft in delicate yet personal storytelling since the beginning of her career just over two years ago. Along with self-taught melodic production and understated yet refreshingly honest lyrics that immediately pull at the heart strings, the EP is another exploration into the young artist’s journey through life and love as she navigates the world on her own terms. 


1 – Golden

2 – Ha Ha Ha

3 – How Small of You

4 – Where You Are


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