Second Single from Tracy Connolly

July 15, 2021

On Monday 19th Of July 2021 (Mallow based) singer songwriter Tracy Connolly will release her second new single entitled ‘When I’m Alone’, signposting things to come as the Mallow based and Cork born singer songwriter works towards her long-awaited debut album.

This song is a powerful ballad about love and loss and what it means to survive through these feelings alone. I felt when no-one else can carry you you’ve got to carry yourself. Losing my father was the hardest time in my entire life. We both served in the military together and we had an incredible bond. We even shared war stories as he served in Cyprus and the Congo and I had served in Lebanon and Kosovo. We both served in war torn areas. I was very proud of him as he received a distinguished service medal for saving a lot of lives in the Congo 1960. He will be forever my hero. My father was a great teacher and his loss was one of my biggest wounds. I remember the week he passed I came home to a dark empty house and just sat in my kitchen and cried. Then I thought how will I ever get over this and the words and song just flowed out. I had two verses and a chorus. I kept thinking that’s all he ever wanted me to do sing, write and play music. He was forever supporting and guiding me throughout my life.” – Tracy Connolly

In her song the note which rings most true is that which is imbued with a certain trembling, Celtic melancholy. Throughout the song you can feel the presence and sadness of her poetry which she sings with a loss within her soul.

In May 2021 Tracy Connolly released her first single ‘The Bloods’ which went to No1 on Country iTunes chart for three full days. Not bad for her first release. A song that received widespread radio play throughout Ireland, Perth and UK. With support from the likes of radio stations CryFm, Southeast Radio, KCLR, Carlow FM, OZCMR, Press Play UK, Liffey Sound 96.4, Southeast Radio and 9 Radio Broadcasting.

‘When I’m Alone’ was written by Tracy Connolly, who is also the executive music producer to her own music. Pat Barrett is the music producer and bass guitar on the track along with Pat O’Sullivan on piano. The song is available now to request on all digital retail providers by iTunes.

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