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Seba Safe Shares New Single ‘I’m On Fire’

May 13, 2022

After sharing ‘Oscars’ last month, his debut release for Nettwerk, up-and-coming Irish singer-songwriter Seba Safe (real name Michael D’Alton) has released ‘I’m On Fire’, another heartfelt piece that showcases his warm vocals and impeccable songwriting.

The track features poetic lyrics that take you on a scenic journey along the coastal lines in Ireland. Seba Safe weaves together a beautiful story about his muse – a story about love and loss.

“This song is about not feeling good enough for anyone and finding the differences between you and others to use as validation to end things,” D’Alton explained. “The choruses deal with happier times when things felt better to try again. I blame myself for the relationship ending but ultimately know it was never going to work.”

One of the most interesting songwriting talents to emerge from Ireland’s shores in the last year, ‘Oscars’ and ‘I’m On Fire’ is his first new material since the success of his debut EP Map Runner and these new tracks marks a strong label debut for the Galway musician, giving a glimpse on what’s to come.

See Seba Safe Live:

Sat 14 & 15 May         Sunflower Bar, Belfast

Fri. 17 June                 Artists Against Homelessness in aid of Focus Ireland, The Model, Sligo

Sun 19 June                Galway Folk Festival

Seba Safe on:

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