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Seán Finn Releases Debut Album ‘Summer Is Over’

August 5, 2022

Seán Finn is a multi-instrumental songwriter releasing his debut album ‘Summer Is Over’. Conceived in the calm of rural Ireland, ‘Summer Is Over’ is a DIY effort through and through. With a few years of songwriting under his belt, Seán’s homespun style provides a warm and inviting soundscape for his listeners.

‘Summer Is Over’ is an album that oozes nostalgia. Finn’s presentation is to the point and relatable; heartfelt songwriting, tasteful arrangements and glimpses of sombre introspection. The album is confrontational yet romantic. It is lamentful yet determined. It delivers needed truths for the impending adult and colourful escapism for the child at heart. Throughout, Finn delivers an earnest portrayal of his early twenties; coming to terms with adulthood, nurturing the inner child, and a close to the seemingly endless summer of youth.

‘Summer Is Over’ is not a concept album, but it certainly feels like one. I think that’s because all the songs were written during a pivotal time in my early twenties. Up until that point, I had been entertaining a very romantic view of the world; I was naive. It seems like I remained this way as long as I possibly could until the inevitable realities of life came crashing in, to such an extent that I could longer ignore them. It was an extremely disorienting time, it felt like my mind was being split in two. The album is all about that experience, the resistance to that change, the lament, the anger and the sombre introspection. Although that all sounds quite cataclysmic, I should affirm that my inner child is sprinkled throughout the album, and in a certain way I feel younger than ever.”

‘Summer Is Over’ will be released on the 5th of August, and it can be streamed here.

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