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Sarah-Beth releases new single ‘Man You’ve Got Yourself A Woman’

November 17, 2022

November 16th saw the release of Man You’ve Got Yourself A Woman – the new  single from Sarah-Beth’s upcoming album out Spring 23.

The Irish, London based artist has worked on the album with producer and friend Josh Northwood – an established UK singer-songwriter and record producer.  Speaking about the project, Northwood has said “Sarah-Beth is an amazing artist and a great songwriter. Always great to  have a conversation with and I’m a big believer that the type of person you are dictates the music you make. This track that I had the pleasure of working on has a whispery vocal drenched in reverb with electronic & orchestral drums that bring an  ace backbone. I believe that with the right attention a lot of people would cherish her  music and relate to her amazing lyrics.”

This is the first song from the album where Sarah Beth took a more active role in production. ‘I’ve come  to realise artistry does not end once the song has been conceived in the mind – it continues to grow  throughout the production, mixing and mastering stages. If the music is really to reflect me, it feels right to pour myself into every aspect. Production is an artform in itself.’  The song conveys the biblical story of Adam and Eve – ‘I chose this story for its matriarchal sentiment. Man cannot exist without Woman nor Woman without Man. There is a yin-yang aspect to all of life which is firmly embedded within this ancient story. Despite our superior self-concept, we humans are imperfect and fall from grace at times. This tale furthers compassion as everyone of us sways between vice and virtue.’

Sarah-Beth is also a visual artist and has created digital artwork to coincide with  every song. ‘For me, creating art is just as fun as making music, so I like to base my visual creations around my songs.

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