Sara Ryan Releases New Single

October 22, 2020

Since the release of her stunning debut EP, ‘Glitter Skies’, Sara Ryan has gone from being one of Irish folk music’s hidden gems, to its ‘New Artist of the Year’ at the 2017 Irish Folk Awards. 

Extensive touring in Germany and Switzerland attracted growing audiences with each visit, and her veritable songwriting and storytelling talents have been lauded by fellow homegrown artists including Christy Moore. 

‘Breathe’ is the final single from Sara Ryan’s 2019 album of the same name. This latest offering takes the listener on a journey of conscience, examining the power of social media and how detrimental it can be; detrimental to our connections with other humans and our perception of ourselves. ‘Breathe’ embraces the struggle between feeling powerless over the injustices of the world and the injustices within the self. But the message of ‘Breathe’ is hope. Sara asks the listener to go through the darkness, face it, and see the light through the cracks and follow your dreams. ‘Breathe’ is available to stream from today, Thursday 22nd October.

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