Sacred Animals Release ‘Mono’

September 30, 2019

Sacred Animals – aka Irish-based producer Darragh Nolan – releases ‘Mono’, the second single taken from his highly anticipated upcoming LP ‘Odin’s Wain’, due later in the year.

Fusing deeply melodic beats, and atmospheric electronica with minimalist synthscapes, Sacred Animals yet again manages to capture his introspective musical mantra with ‘Mono’.

Using music as an aural escape from the confines of the modern world, the track attempts to gain a small grasp on what it means to be a spirit living a human existence.

Speaking to the motivation behind ‘Mono’, Sacred Animals explains,

“’Mono’ is a visceral speeding journey through that split second where you’ve an understanding of what it means to be a spirit having a human existence, just before you’ve lost it again. “On the other side of me, you know I think in ‘Mono’, if on the other side I bleed, then what the hell do we know.””

About Sacred Animals:

Life is sometimes about small moments.
Moments in between all we do on auto-pilot.
Moments where uncontainable excitement bursts out to feed everything around us.
Moments that mean so much we create everlasting memories just to hold on a little longer.
Moments of quiet contemplation, of stopping, of being still, of letting go of the steering wheel long enough to see where we’re going.
Moments of residing within the gaps.

Sacred Animals is about just that.

Video by WOLFF Directed by Sacred Animals Dancer: Megan McEvoy Choreography: Megan McEvoy Drummer: Lorcan Byrne  

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