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Ruby Moss Releases New Single ‘Stranded’

October 7, 2021

Ruby Moss released her third single of the year on Sunday, October 3rd.

14-year-old Ruby wrote ‘Stranded’ during and after a long cycle along the canal in north Dublin last August 2020.  Beautifully clear vocals, gorgeous melodies and smooth as chocolate guitar by Davie Arkins makes this this a tune not to miss.   Every time you listen to this song, you notice something new and clever about it.  There is not a single word wasted in the message that these lyrics convey.  The structure of the song is perfectly in sync with the lyrics.  The vocal introduction has echo, the only time you hear effects on Ruby’s voice in any of her songs, the echo seems to be there to emphasise us being lost and in the middle of nowhere.  Then an apocalyptic swooshing sound brings us back to reality, the echo falls away and Ruby’s strong and clear vocal is there leading the way forward.

Despite the topic, you listen to this song and feel optimistic that we will find our way forward, around the obstacles ahead of us in the face of Climate Change.

Ruby Moss’ musical career began in St Patrick’s Cathedral Choir School where she sang with the Girls’ Choir, continued piano lessons and began learning the flute.

Ruby plays piano ABRSM grade 6 and flute ABRSM grade 4.  She plays flute with her school’s orchestra.  Ruby was awarded a prestigious organ scholarship this year and has already completed her first public performance at the school awards day.

Ruby has self-taught the guitar and also plays button accordion.

Ruby’s first two singles made it to #1 in the iTunes singer songwriter chart the week of their release

Ruby has been a lifelong vegetarian and has been vegan since she was aged 8.

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