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Rowlette to Release Latest Single this Friday

June 8, 2021

Rowlette is an indie-pop artist. As a solo performer with an acoustic guitar, she is recognised for her powerful vocals, inspirational lyrics and captivating performances. Hailing from Co. Mayo, she has a distinctive yet gripping writing style. Somehow not falling into the typical romance genre, you’re more likely to catch Rowlette singing about topics such as breaking the mould, friendship, embracing ambition and living in the present.

Rowlette’s tracks have received radio play across the country’s radio stations and abroad (Ocean FM, MidWest Radio, RTE 2fm, Radio Ri-Ra, RTE Pulse, Near FM, WLR FM, Shannonside FM, KFM, KCLR FM & Highland Radio), was added to several Spotify editorial playlists (including Fresh Pop, Pop Right Now and New Music Denmark and Iceland) as well as coverage across many media outlets, such as RTE, GoldenPlec and Hot Press. Her most recent release, Christmas song ‘December’ racked up 5,000 listens on Spotify alone in its first 24 hours.

Well known on the Irish live scene, the pre-pandemic months included Rowlette performing a packed-out headliner in Crowbar last Autumn. She then joined Jack L on his latest tour, impressing audiences across the country in venues such Cork Opera House, Theatre Royal and the Pavillion. Over the pandemic, she’s played live streams with the likes of Mundy, as well as on some blog outlets, including Indie Buddie, AER music and Finbar Hoban Presents. She also hosted her own private, sign up event in February.

New single, ‘Don’t Ask Me What I’m At’, out 11th June,  is a tongue in cheek, pop anthem, written by Rowlette when she had just finished school. “I was so tired of being asked ‘What are you doing now?’, ‘What do you want to study, what do you want to be?’, I understand it’s such a normal and common thing to ask but when you have no idea what on earth you want to do with your life it can feel like such an intimidating and loaded question.”

“I often felt like quipping back, ‘I don’t know Karen, what are you doing with your life?’ but I thankfully managed to resist and channeled the energy into this song.”

“I feel like a lot of us have such societal and self-imposed pressure as it is and life can be so overwhelming at times. You’re looking around thinking everyone else has it figured out and then people are asking you what you’re doing and when you really don’t know, it can feel like there’s something wrong with you.”

“The scariest thing for me is, I kind of thought things magically become really clear at some point and you’ll just transform into a competent, self-assured adult who has it all figured out. That hasn’t happened yet, and the more I ask around, the less I believe it will happen. I think it’s quite possible that all seven billion of us are winging it.”

“Colm (Slattery) of Fluttertone had heard me play it live several times and really loved the track and encouraged me to release it. He hooked me up with Michael Mormecha and we went up to his studio one day. He’s so talented and it all just clicked very easily.”

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