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Rosenallis Set to Release New Single ‘Mountain Ash’ Friday July 15th

July 14, 2022

The shared determination of two longtime friends to craft original music has brought new Irish act Rosenallis to your airwaves. Their soft-rock style and a multilingual approach to lyrics subtly connects the Latin, Celtic and Anglo cultures.

Rosenallis have debuted with three singles since December: “Fuego”, “If I’ll Come Home” and Memory Factory in April. “Fuego” is a song about someone beautiful, fiery, and unpredictable – and the sweet rollercoaster of trying to understand that person. The language in the lyrics is mixture of Spanish and English. The general intended theme of the 7-track sequence is a story of a return from the wonders of distant lands, home to the treasures of the motherland – most evidently expressed in “If I’ll Come Home”.

“Memory Factory” is a story of good times found during the pandemic, where a unique freedom was found to create memories and love on a secret journey across the mesmerizing landscapes of the Emerald Isle.

Mountain Ash

The high-tempo, fierce and energetic Mountain Ash (named after the native Irish tree) takes a look back through the ages of Irish history, using the Conamara mountains in Galway as a standpoint – this is the roots of where Rosenallis is from, and where the song idea began (on a hiking trip in Cor na Móna, Galway).

Producer Larry Hogan (Dublin Studio Hub) described the lyrical content as “very steeped in Connemara…Deep Galway…reminiscent, evocative of the atmospheres and skylines in Galway”.

The song begins with a deep build-up and moves on a quick tempo. Spirited lyrics refer to pre-famine dwellings no longer inhabited, and going back further, to the now-extinct grey “wolves around our feet”. Reasons for historical turning points are teased out: like the “crystal crown” (not gold) that never reached the mountain tops.

Rosenallis are:

KEVIN (“KEVO”) O’CONNOR:  Songwriter, lead vocals, guitar. Aged 30, is a mechanical engineer in railways who studied at University College London. He is currently living between Galway and Tel Aviv. Fascinated by languages and travelling.

KEVIN CLESHAM: Drums. Kevin (or “Clesh”), thirty, is an orthopedic surgeon from Mayo living in Dublin and is the rock of the duo. Likes pretending to be good at golf.

Website: www.rosenallismusic.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/38nLO1b1NSmFHfCagTKDXt?si=AXwO9jHVQfeDyfF1P3P2rA&nd=1

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/rosenallismusic/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rosenallisofficial/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC71AasS5VesCx1zMLdf_wgQ

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