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Ronan Keating Set to Release New Album ‘Songs From Home’ November 12th

October 8, 2021

Ronan Keating, the celebrated international Irish artist, who has defined over two decades of pop music, hand-picks twelve homeland songs that he was born to sing.

Drawing from the wealth of Ireland’s talent, Songs From Home is an intimate album that boasts brilliant reworks as well as an original single from the star.

The album toasts Ronan Keating’s love for Irish music, as well as its continued significance in his life. Celebrating traditional poetry and folklore alongside contemporary pieces, Songs From Home forms the ultimate soundtrack to Ronan’s personal story. Masterfully, Ronan weaves between unheard tales of his youth to artists embedded in Ronan, and Ireland’s, substantial musical heritage.

No Frontiers is an elegant collaboration with fellow singer and inspiration, Mary Black. Heyday poignantly nods to Mic Christopher’s first and only solo album, Skylarkin. The track was released after Mic’s tragic death and was dedicated to his widely recognised musical influence. Raglan Road offers the story of a legendary Irish love affair that is well-known in Ronan Keating’s hometown. Crafted from a Patrick Kavanagh poem, Ronan sings fondly of the Raglan Road found in Ballsbridge, Dublin. Summer in Dublin is another nostalgic song for Ronan that’s recognised at the heart of the Irish community. Whilst singing Summer in Dublin, Ronan reminisces on the exciting summer of 1990, just before Boyzone’s rise to fame and much of Ireland’s attention was fixated on the World Cup.

Since his time in one of the most successful boy bands in history, Ronan Keating has crafted an epic solo career with 30 consecutive Top 10 singles, 10 studio albums and over 20 million records sold, and counting! In addition, his talents have expanded to the biggest international judging seats on the X Factor and The Voice in Australia, time in a highly acclaimed West End show and of course, his integral roles in Britain’s much-loved Magic FM breakfast show and The One Show. Amidst this impressive success, Ronan has circled back to his roots with Songs From Home, an album that authentically captures and represents his life in music.


  1. Raglan Road
  2. Into The Mystic
  3. Where The Streets Have No Name
  4. The Voyage
  5. The Island
  6. Summer In Dublin
  7. Guiding Light
  8. No Frontiers
  9. The Blower’s Daughter
  10. The Parting Glass
  11. Heyday
  12. Set In Stone

Songs From Home is out November 12th on Decca Records.


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