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Robin James Hurt releases new album ‘And We For Another’

November 17, 2022

‘And We For Another’ comes to you from an ancient coastguard station on a remote headland in County Wexford where Robin James Hurt lives with his dog, Dougal.

Recorded on a four track Portastudio, the album is warm and warbly, fussy and noisy; a reminder of a golden age of music before we had laptop ‘beats’ and a flood of digital tech.

This, Robin’s fourth full length recording, is an inspired folk-fusion compilation, utilising lo-fi production techniques to capture Robin’s vision. The limitations and quirks of cassette multitrack recording have challenged Robin to create new sounds.

Instead of being washed away on a sea of software options and virtual effects, the listener can instead float on a cloud of tape hiss, clunky buttons and innovative engineering and mixing.

A new development in Robin’s well-honed, inimitable sound, ‘And We For Another’ breathes fresh life into traditional compositions as diverse as The Galway Shawl, The Keech In The Creel (an old Scottish folk song where great use of descant recorder is made) and the utterly stunning, arresting, stop-you-in-your-tracks, Song For The 12th Of July (And We For One Another) via the pens of James Frazer and the late, great Sean Tyrrell.

Robin James Hurt’s new album ‘And We For Another’ is out now:

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