Richie Din Martin Announces Debut Solo Single

July 27, 2021

‘Learn To Live’ is the debut solo single from Richie Din Martin. The track will be released on Bandcamp on Friday 30thJuly 2021.

As one half of alternative folk duo Cry Monster Cry, Richie has spent the better part of the last decade touring and performing alongside his brother Jamie. When lockdown hit in March 2020 in the middle of the brothers first sold out Irish tour, everything ground to a very sudden halt.

Richie explains – “It’s been a very difficult time for everybody for lots of different and obvious reasons. The past eighteen months have been a real challenge for us all as individuals and as a society as a whole in lots of different ways. One positive thing I took from lockdown however was the time spent with my family. The time at home allowed me to concentrate on myself and gave me the space to explore new ideas and themes.

‘Learn To Live’ focuses on the idea of rebirth and new beginnings both as individuals and as a collective community. The track seeks to envelop the listener in its powerful, uplifting message of the importance of living in the moment while finding joy in the wonder of each brand new day.

I was at a point where I started to look at myself and then began to look around me. If the past eighteen months has taught us anything it’s that our world and lives can change in an instant. When I reflected on the way I had been living my own life pre-Covid I didn’t like what I saw. I began to focus on the idea of a fresh start and a new beginning for us all and that’s where the idea of this track eventually came from. When I began writing this song we were in the middle of what felt like an unprecedented time, I wanted to look into the future and imagine a time when we would all come out of this experience together having learned some very valuable lessons.

Richie wrote and recorded the song at home in his studio with the help of producer and collaborator Greg Kavna and was mastered in New York by Grammy award winning mastering engineer Steve Fallone. The track features Dec Quinn (Republic of Loose, The Love Tailors) on keys and Ben Castle (Villagers, Gregory Porter, Duke Special) on saxophone.

The track itself is a song of hope and celebration and the message is one of joy and anticipation for what lies ahead for us all. A brand new start and a new beginning. Reach out and grab it and make the most of it.

‘It’s time we learn to live’.



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